Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to speed up your learning curve.

For the past one month, I have been having fun  working on another blog which requires a lot of attention and  new learning. Learning something new can be frustrating as well as rewarding. I speak from experience as I have worked in a very diverse industry before, from oil and gas to insurance and later the automotive industry. Now I am entering into the Internet realm which I find the most challenging.

If you want to speed up your learning curve, consider getting a coach as he/she can show you the correct way of doing things. Even Tiger woods have a coach even though he is already a golf superstar. We may not be able to see our faults as well as other's do. A good coach knows what to take notice and can give valuable feedback for improvement. It is true you always get free advice from people around you but how many of it has the credibility to give one.

Personally, I have also engage a coach to guide me in my new venture. I consider it a good investment as I have shortened my learning curve which means more time in doing productive things. Yes, Most of the time you have to pay good money for good coaches. I realise that it is not so much of the information that you going to get but rather the quality of the feedback that is the most important. 

Please visit my new blog site at www.inspirepositivelife.com and feel free to comment. I am always looking for new ideas for improvement.

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bro...i like your other blog.. will be visiting ....