Monday, August 23, 2010

Change is .......

My recent book which I'd read was an eye opener for me, had a provoking title that will challenge any intellectual person to a debate. The book title read " The world is flat" authored by Thomas Friedman. He defended the concept based on real life observation and illustrate with examples how once the world was so divided, is now closely knitted though the advancement of communication technology.

He also describe change as a natural process". Interesting way to put it, instead of the old cliche phrase "change is constant". Yes... I do believe that change is a natural order in life to ensure the weakling is removed from the chain and the fittest remain so that it can future breed a more superior generations.

Thinking about it, when the head of the organisations trumpets out for the need to change , it is often followed by unfavourable consequences. The only way to survive this, is to ensure we are among the strong clan. Not necessarily to be the strongest and the fittest but just enough to outrun the weakess in the group.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A catchy phrase

Have you been to the library on a Monday night in the capital city Kota Kinabalu? It was my first time and not many people were around then. I'd made my way towards the section on self help and motivation, hoping to find an interesting book to occupy my time.

Scanning quickly though the rows of book shelves, an ordinary looking book about personality trait caught my attention. Skimming through the pages, something happened, a phrase caught my attention which seems to leap out from the pages. The words were " Fearlessly confident".

Pondering for a moment what the word meant to me, it was actually what I wanted in my life right now. To be fearlessly confident in everything I do. Would not it be great if we just have that kind of "Just Do It" attitude. There are some people who could do just that and not worry about the consequences. Tackle the challenge as it comes.

However if you are a family man like me, the decisions we make will affect everyone in the family. So "fearlessly confident" must also be supported by Plan B and C if things don't work out the way it intended to be. But for now, I will keep hold to those words close at heart and mind until the day I do make that decision.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moving Forward

The phrase is so often heard from lips of top management, so much so that it has become a cliché that does not often inspire people. What does it actually mean to move forward? Does it mean to progress together towards a common goal? Does it mean to advance with new strategies or does it mean to quickly do something as long as we are seen taking actions?

Perhaps another way to rephrase it is “taking it to the next level “. Gamers would know this terminology as it means battling it out with the villain until you meet the big boss at the end of the level. After you have subdued the big boss, you can proceed to the next level. The higher the level, the meaner the villain gets and the reward is more tempting.

However moving forward does not necessarily guarantee success. Just like in any video game, as the villains gets meaner the game plan has to change if you want to win. Based on my observation, failing is one of the factors that you must be prepared.

Darren Lacroix, the 1999 toastmaster champion winning speech message was, ‘if you were to fall, fall forward, at least you are still making progress” It was a huge insight for me, many a times when face with failure, we feel like giving up. It’s being human because it is our nature to protect ourselves from all kind of harm whether it is emotional or physical. Falling forward meant gaining ground advantage from each fall. As you fall you learn what does and does not work. Failing happens only when you decide to quit. If not, it is just another learning experience. So keep moving forward everyday in your life

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The power of words

Words can either make or break you. I do believe that the choice of words you use to describe an experience will consequent in the emotions that you will experience later.

I remembered during my speech competition back in 2009 , I was up against very seasonal speakers and the feeling inside me before the contest was an overwhelming one. Finding time to myself, I kept repeating "I have an important message for the audience and I am going to deliver it from my heart". After many repetitions my focus was now on delivering the message rather than winning the contest. It helped calm my nerve and I was gaining more and more confident. I sailed through the speech beaming with new confidence and the audience responded positively. It was a great feeling.

In another situation, when I'd receive a letter confirming of my new relocation to another branch , I was depress at first because the thought of being away from the family was truly a difficult one. The relocation was in another state . Composing myself, I reassured myself , "that everything that happen is neutral. It is neither good nor bad but the meaning I give to it". It did not happen once but whenever I find myself sinking to self pity, I use those phrase like a magical chant. This was 10 months ago and that road have taken me to a whole new experiences.

These experiences and many more has taught me that words do have power and being aware of it, is the beginning of the realization that I can control my emotions. The next time when you are feeling beaten down by negativity, keep guard of the choice of words you use to express yourself. It worked for me and I hope it will too for you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keeping your head cool

It was raining heavily as I reached the capital city kota kinabalu. The 3 hours ferry ride from the island Labuan started quite calm but ended up with the monsoon rain pouring ferousiosly. Unprotected from it, I stood soaking wet at the terminal while waiting for my transport,then I noticed the traffic jam had already begun. The narrow road in the city is not sufficient enough to cater the ever increasing number of new cars in the city.
My cousin picked me up in her little cute car and I was further soaked from running towards her car. Quickly maneuvering the car out of town was a challenge as the normal rush hour is worsen by the heavy rain. It is a true test of nerves. Keeping calm in situation like this requires a shift in paradigm. Listening to talk shows on the radio can ease the nerve at times as the DJ host picks a provoking topic concerning relationship between men and women and opinions on the latest hot happening.

Coming from a small island Labuan, Kota kinabalu traffic jam can be ridiculous at times.I have learned that listening to motivation talk and keeping a magazine handy in the car can be a great traffic buster. Fuming over something that is beyond your control is not productive at all, might as well make the best of it.