Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keeping your head cool

It was raining heavily as I reached the capital city kota kinabalu. The 3 hours ferry ride from the island Labuan started quite calm but ended up with the monsoon rain pouring ferousiosly. Unprotected from it, I stood soaking wet at the terminal while waiting for my transport,then I noticed the traffic jam had already begun. The narrow road in the city is not sufficient enough to cater the ever increasing number of new cars in the city.
My cousin picked me up in her little cute car and I was further soaked from running towards her car. Quickly maneuvering the car out of town was a challenge as the normal rush hour is worsen by the heavy rain. It is a true test of nerves. Keeping calm in situation like this requires a shift in paradigm. Listening to talk shows on the radio can ease the nerve at times as the DJ host picks a provoking topic concerning relationship between men and women and opinions on the latest hot happening.

Coming from a small island Labuan, Kota kinabalu traffic jam can be ridiculous at times.I have learned that listening to motivation talk and keeping a magazine handy in the car can be a great traffic buster. Fuming over something that is beyond your control is not productive at all, might as well make the best of it.

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