Monday, August 23, 2010

Change is .......

My recent book which I'd read was an eye opener for me, had a provoking title that will challenge any intellectual person to a debate. The book title read " The world is flat" authored by Thomas Friedman. He defended the concept based on real life observation and illustrate with examples how once the world was so divided, is now closely knitted though the advancement of communication technology.

He also describe change as a natural process". Interesting way to put it, instead of the old cliche phrase "change is constant". Yes... I do believe that change is a natural order in life to ensure the weakling is removed from the chain and the fittest remain so that it can future breed a more superior generations.

Thinking about it, when the head of the organisations trumpets out for the need to change , it is often followed by unfavourable consequences. The only way to survive this, is to ensure we are among the strong clan. Not necessarily to be the strongest and the fittest but just enough to outrun the weakess in the group.

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