Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The power of words

Words can either make or break you. I do believe that the choice of words you use to describe an experience will consequent in the emotions that you will experience later.

I remembered during my speech competition back in 2009 , I was up against very seasonal speakers and the feeling inside me before the contest was an overwhelming one. Finding time to myself, I kept repeating "I have an important message for the audience and I am going to deliver it from my heart". After many repetitions my focus was now on delivering the message rather than winning the contest. It helped calm my nerve and I was gaining more and more confident. I sailed through the speech beaming with new confidence and the audience responded positively. It was a great feeling.

In another situation, when I'd receive a letter confirming of my new relocation to another branch , I was depress at first because the thought of being away from the family was truly a difficult one. The relocation was in another state . Composing myself, I reassured myself , "that everything that happen is neutral. It is neither good nor bad but the meaning I give to it". It did not happen once but whenever I find myself sinking to self pity, I use those phrase like a magical chant. This was 10 months ago and that road have taken me to a whole new experiences.

These experiences and many more has taught me that words do have power and being aware of it, is the beginning of the realization that I can control my emotions. The next time when you are feeling beaten down by negativity, keep guard of the choice of words you use to express yourself. It worked for me and I hope it will too for you.

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