Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moving Forward

The phrase is so often heard from lips of top management, so much so that it has become a cliché that does not often inspire people. What does it actually mean to move forward? Does it mean to progress together towards a common goal? Does it mean to advance with new strategies or does it mean to quickly do something as long as we are seen taking actions?

Perhaps another way to rephrase it is “taking it to the next level “. Gamers would know this terminology as it means battling it out with the villain until you meet the big boss at the end of the level. After you have subdued the big boss, you can proceed to the next level. The higher the level, the meaner the villain gets and the reward is more tempting.

However moving forward does not necessarily guarantee success. Just like in any video game, as the villains gets meaner the game plan has to change if you want to win. Based on my observation, failing is one of the factors that you must be prepared.

Darren Lacroix, the 1999 toastmaster champion winning speech message was, ‘if you were to fall, fall forward, at least you are still making progress” It was a huge insight for me, many a times when face with failure, we feel like giving up. It’s being human because it is our nature to protect ourselves from all kind of harm whether it is emotional or physical. Falling forward meant gaining ground advantage from each fall. As you fall you learn what does and does not work. Failing happens only when you decide to quit. If not, it is just another learning experience. So keep moving forward everyday in your life

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