Thursday, August 12, 2010

A catchy phrase

Have you been to the library on a Monday night in the capital city Kota Kinabalu? It was my first time and not many people were around then. I'd made my way towards the section on self help and motivation, hoping to find an interesting book to occupy my time.

Scanning quickly though the rows of book shelves, an ordinary looking book about personality trait caught my attention. Skimming through the pages, something happened, a phrase caught my attention which seems to leap out from the pages. The words were " Fearlessly confident".

Pondering for a moment what the word meant to me, it was actually what I wanted in my life right now. To be fearlessly confident in everything I do. Would not it be great if we just have that kind of "Just Do It" attitude. There are some people who could do just that and not worry about the consequences. Tackle the challenge as it comes.

However if you are a family man like me, the decisions we make will affect everyone in the family. So "fearlessly confident" must also be supported by Plan B and C if things don't work out the way it intended to be. But for now, I will keep hold to those words close at heart and mind until the day I do make that decision.

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