Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why change is so difficult?

Looking back of what I have achieved over the years, I am indeed grateful to all the events that have occurred in my life. I believe now that all things that happen should not be simply categorised as good or bad but rather to be understood from the attaching meaning you have given to it. Sometimes making a misinformed decisions has it's advantage as the outcome can strengthened your character and conviction.

When I first started out in a blue collar job as a plant operator in an oil and gas refinery, I was receiving instruction from my superiors whom were very helpful and encouraging. I'd worked hard to gain more experience but somehow I felt a need to do more. I remembered telling myself that one day I would want to be a manager supervising people. The real motive was to increase my paycheck so I can drive and live in the kind of house my manager was privileged to then. The difference in salary according to the ranks was significant. Of course that dream seems very distance then but I knew that something must change in order to get there. And so, I decided to further my studies by taking distance learning. My other setback was my lack in communication skills in which I'd found the solution in toastmasters international organisation. To cut the story short, it was 9 years later that I have achieved my ambition. I finally got my manager rank but in another diverse industry.

We all know that change is a necessity , Isn't it ironic that how we have progress so far as civilisation we are still bounded to the law of the jungle which claims that only the fittest will survive. It is shape up or ship out drill to ensure that you still remain relevant. So companies decide to engage consultants to implement change in the organisation but only to flush hundreds of thousands away and not getting any real results. Some people fail to understand that change takes time. It is not as simply as changing your vision, changing your strategy or even changing your thinking. I recalled a book I have read about beliefs by Robert Dilts. He points out that in order for change to be effective and sustainable, three things must happen.

First, that you got to believe that it is possible to change (Belief system)
Second, you got to want to change ( Value congruency) and
Thirdly, you got to know how to change (Behavioural pattern).

If you ignore any of these three elements, that change which you are asking will not transpire. My experience have taught me that change must begin within each individual. Nowadays, change can be expedite through coaching and mentoring. In my case if I had a good mentor and role model earlier on, I would have shortened my journey towards my goal and probably achieve more in life. However , everything happens for a reason and I am grateful that I'd have reach this far in life.

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