Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life of a Trainer

I enjoy attending seminars and workshops. It is a good way to gain new refreshing ideas that can enrich my personal life. I just completed the train the trainer workshop conducted by PSMB (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad) a body appointed by the government to provide skill training services to small and medium size company in Malaysia. From the five days workshop, I have learned that as trainer, we need to continuously improve ourselves by attending many other seminars. This is one way to keep on renewing our enthusiasm and stimulate creativity input into our training modules. Secondly trainer need to be passionate about developing people and discover their potential. Thirdly, the people I meet at the event , broadens my personal networking and gave me new insights from their shared experiences.

It seems so easy to watch trainers delivering with ease but what is not seen is the sweat and sleepless night putting the program together. Aside from the preparation , there are times when things can go seriously wrong. I remembered while I was giving a sales training to a group of sales font liners in Sandakan, (an eastern city in Sabah) when the power was abruptly cut off due to power failure. I was in the middle of making a point in my power point presentation. After waiting for 7 minutes the power was still down and I had to deliver the remaining session off the cuff. I'd learn a very valuable lesson that day. " Don't be too dependant on multimedia " Stick to good old fashion way of using flip chart, games and story telling to convey the message."

If it ever happens to you... just stay cool and be creative. Just say to your self " This is interesting" and laugh about it.

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