Sunday, November 9, 2008

Choices in Life

I was brought up in the 70's era. So much have change since then. Some of us may notice the obvious changes in people's lifestyle, the way people communicate, the abundance knowledge available at finger tips and etc.

In the 70's , knowledge about the world is restricted to magazines, pen pal letter and actual traveling experience. Now we are instantly connected to any part of the world with a click of the mouse. Through that window, we can learn new cultures, about people livelihood, politics and even do business transaction which was only confined to priveledge few. Now I can sit back in our favourite chair in the comfort of my sitting room and travel the world in an instant with the remote control aid, surfing the 24 hrs Travel & Adventure channel. I have dream of visiting foreign countries and now it is happening in my living room.

In this secular times, our expectation have quantum leap due to the available choices that we face everyday in our lifes. I realise how important it is to clarify what was important to me instead of being suck into unconscious consumerism. It is wise to apply wisdom in making those decisions.

We are surrounded and bombarded with everyday messages, telling us what will make us happy. It is no surprise as marketing and advertising agencies uses messages that focus on exploiting human emotions in enticing us to make that purchase . All they have to do is create a strong anchor on how the product/ services can fulfill our unmet desires. Eventhough the desire was not concsiously thought of in the first place. Upon paying for the products, that desires can only be satisfied momentarily and then we keep on looking for something bigger to fill in the ever growing appetite.

Being raise in the 70's , happiness was simply playing marbles with my best buddies during school recess. I especially remembered my happy moments when my father treat us ice cream at Victoria ice cream house. This is only happens on special occasion. Though my parents did not have much money then , the delay gratification makes it all worth while. Today, we insist that our gratification are met NOW. If not we complain of poor customer service.

I am certain that chasing after materialistic goals will not bring lasting happiness. I believe that it is a complimentary reward for effort done in achieve something bigger.

It is my intention to ride on the waves of change. Like the famous saying " Change is a constant" My blog is an opportunity for me to record my personal growth and also as a platform to share my insights about LIFE. This is where my journey begins.

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