Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5 powerful questions in making personal change

While I was in enjoying myself with my family in Sunway theme park Petaling Jaya, I took the opportunity to stroll along the long suspended wooden bridge roughly 700 meter long. It was wobbly but the view was fantastic. The bridge is expose to rain, wind and the hot sun.
The bridge reminds me of the goals I need to set in order to achieve my destination. It is not unusual for people to set goals for the coming year ahead, sadly some would fail and forgotten what they have set up earlier. Along the way their bridge is broken or perhaps they fell off. Only a handful , can be heard trumpeting their accomplishment. It takes lots and lots of will power, commitment and making personal changes. Doesn't this phrase sound familiar. " It is insane to expect a different result if you keep on doing the same things over and over again".

Unless the goal is inspiring and arising from necessity, will the goals become inspiring enough to drive you towards it. In setting your goals , ask yourself the following question?

1. What is my pain?
Do you have current concerns that is really bothering you and you have a strong desire to do something about it.

2. What is the resolution?
Brainstorm the alternative solutions that is available to you. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone whom you trust or who have been there.

3. Why am I stuck with my pain and haven't found the solution?

Identify the blockage that is resisting you to change. Most often the blockage arise from misinformed perception.

4. What is the process?

Identify what needs to be done, what knowledge you lack, the new skills to be learned and the new habits you need to cultivate. Consider getting a mentor or coach in making the change.

5. What is my first step?

The journey to a thousand steps begin with the first step. Focus on taking one action at a time. It is in taking the baby steps that is most often effective rather than taking a big task. You may be overwhelmed by it and be disheartened.

Try it out and let me know if this helps and I love to hear about your personal success and your secret.


Lawrence said...

Today is probably the best day to set new goals for the new year. I've set myself a few...for a better lifestyle this time.

SavvyRay said...

Did you know, For the butterfly to fly, it needs to break out from the cocoon by itself. I think it is only ,timely to set big goals this year. A race against time to achieve our dreams. All the best . Cheers