Tuesday, December 9, 2008

High Touch

Have it ever happen to you, trying to pull yourself away from the comfort of your bed to get to work? What would you do to get yourself up and running?

Being human, the ability to manage our emotions and feelings well is key to happiness. Some people pray, meditate, while some take a glance at their vision board as a way to energise and reconnect to their life's purpose. Everyone have their own strategies that work for them.
I personally use various techniques such as reading an inspiring book (love Anthony Robbin books), watch a inspiring clips over the youtubes (Nido Quibein), call up friends whom I have lost touch, listening to meditative music tend to keep me focus.

Like it or not, we are solely responsible for our emotions and our internal states. If we surrender to the external forces, we will find ourselves in false bondage. It seems, we had lost our freedom as we gave up our personal choices, the only thing that separate us from the animals.

I would love to hear some of the stories / things you do to brighten your day. Feel free to comment .

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