Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trip to Pearl of South China Sea - Penang

One way to acquire knowledge and new refreshing ideas is to explore and experience new things. Last week, I was invited to a road trip to Penang with three of my closest friends. It was an opportunity for me to gain new insights and learn new things. Holidays with friends is always be a memorable moment.

In my journey I discovered many interesting things . Firstly do not be afraid to take risk in trying new FOOD. Penang is a place where hawker stalls reigns as the destination for food lovers. If you are overly concious on the hygiene factor , you may not want to venture in this area. Many interesting food to be savoured such as the penang laksa, sweet cendol appetizer, Hokkien mee and etc. You can make a visit to Gurney drive where many open hawker stalls can be found. The government have since beautify the area and build proper struture for the hawkers. The other area where you find concentraated food open stalls is next to Sunway hotel. There are many more areas to be explored.

Secondly, effort is being done to conserve Penang's heritage. As I stroll along the city center, I find many 2 story buildings with european achitetural influence slowly being restored with fresh coat of paint. Currently Komtar is the tallest building in Penang and it is use as the City landmark. Within the building vicinity, it is also the central bus terminal for the whole island. Navigating though the streets of Penang can be tricky as there are a lot of one way streets and also the unpredictable driving behaviour. so be patient as it is a matter of adapting to it.

Thirdly, plan your destination well ahead. Since we have only 1 full day for visit, there are many places we missed considering of the many heritage sites to be visited and depending your interest. In 4 days ,you will be able to see all the place of interest at a leisure pace. Along Batu Ferringi road you can see many beautiful beaches and resort to kick back and relax. .Shopping for cheap clothings also can be found at the open stalls within Georgetown. Overall, it is a good place to take your family on a holiday.

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