Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reality bites or just our Perception?

It is our perception that shape our world. If we were to believe in this statement, then looking at the positive side of things would change anything?

News flash everywhere that the world is facing a huge financial crisis. With the near collapse of the world super economy and trillions of dollars vanish through the loss in the stock market value. Company downsizing and people losing jobs. My friend who work in the offshore bank was given a 24 hours notice however she was given a 6 months salary as a compensation. 10 years ago in my hometown the local shipyard gates were chained up early one morning. Workers were left stranded outside the gate not knowing what had happen. Salaries were not paid and the company was under bankruptcy. Is there any good that can be seen in all this happening ?

Life just isn't fair, but I think that being positive is not to deny what seems to be happening, but rather to focus on our ability to response to what is happening. We should not be the victim but the victor. Playing as a victim will paralyse us from taking action and only becomes bitter and angry. We all have choices although sometimes it does not seem that way. Remember the old saying " When there is a will, there is a way" I believe we are equip with the natural instinct to survive and will do anything to make a comeback.

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