Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new beginning 2009

On new year eve, My family and I spend the night at the beautiful Labuan Tiara resort. The resort stands on a slope overlooking the beautiful beach front. My room balcony has a fantastic view of the blue swimming pool.
New year day, woke up 7.30 in morning and took a drive round town to buy breakfast for my family who were still sleeping. They partied late night with the uncles, aunties and cousins. I on the other hand, slept early just after the count down as I was a little tipsy from the beer I have taken earlier. It was pouring cats and dogs just after midnight. Glad I was not caught in any traffic jam but on the comfort of my hotel bed. I though to myself would 't it be great to wake up everyday like this. A peaceful and comfortable environment. I must put this as my goal for the year. Well, according to the law of attraction from "the Secret", whatever the mind focus on whether positive or negative, it will come to reality.

As I was planning and setting my 2009 goals, I have decided to do something differently this year. Instead of focusing on everything I wanted to have and achieve, it is my desire to help 3 people to succeed as one of my goal. I will considered it accomplished, if these 3 people will live a better quality life after I have helped them. This is not a new concept as it was make popular in the movie "Pay it forward". Intresting movie to watch.

So what's your Goal for the year?

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