Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What if you can travel back in TIME?

Last night I was busy scanning photographs of the birth of my son Ryan and Raynald and some younger days pictures of my wife, myself and the family. Still lots more to go. Those days, picture taking was a luxury or at least for me. Firstly you need to purchase the rolls of film either in 12, 24 or 36 and not to mention expensive. Unlike today, with the convenience of the digital camera we can snap till you drop. If you are like me , with the trigger happy attitude of taking pictures, I am facing problem with storage and filling them accordingly. Well this, I consider a good problem.

As I was scanning the older photographs of me , it brought back many wonderful memories of the event. firstly I look so much younger then and looking at that younger me , I somehow wonder what if I could go back in time, what kind of advice I can give to him? If time travel was possible, what would I say to him? These are advice that I can think of right now.

1.) Don't put off what you can do today. Many opportunities is lost due to procrastination.

2.) Focus on taking action today to move closer to the goal however small it may seem. Have the "little by little, everyday" attitude.

3.) Always look on the bright side of things however difficult.

4.) Save more money and invest for financial freedom. Create value with money.

5.) Don't expect anything in return when doing something for others. At least you will not be disappointed.

6.) Don't do things out of greed, you will surely lose

7.) Build multiple source of income so you are not put in a spot when you lose your job.

8.) Be confident in what you do.
What would you say to your younger self? Please feel free to share your advice.

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