Saturday, January 17, 2009

Something Fishy

It's Saturday morning, I woke early and decided to go to the market to search for something to cook. Usually, I would have a look and then decide on the menu for the day.The fish market was rather quiet as many of the fish mongers tables were empty. The weather for this past three weeks were a choppy one. Many fishermen did not manage to go far out to the sea to have a good catch. However I manage to buy myself a red snapper fish head weighing 1.2 KG.

I was trill to try out new ways to cook it. Yes, I love cooking especially when it comes to learning and trying out new recipes. I have cooked fish curry before, steaming it, frying it .... hmmm what else. As usual the magic of googling it. Found an interesting recipe on claypot fish head. And so I decided to give it a try.
I have like to try out new things as I will tend to acquire new knowledge and also it broadens my idea bank.

If you want to know how the claypot fish head turn out. There are some room for improvement as I have not got the right balance of the ingredient to the taste I wanted. Well like they say "practice, practise and more practice makes it perfect.

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