Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keeping the tradition alive

Chinese New Year is two days away. The atmosphere at the shopping mall is setting the pace and mood on the coming festivity with red coloured decoration on sales, a symbol of prosperity. In this few days, we want to believe that things are going to be better and hope the negative news surrounding us would not dampen the spirit of celebration.

This is the time of year where immediate family from near and afar make every effort to come together at the parents or eldest house to have a sumptuous dinner on the eve of new year. It is not so much different from the other festive such as Christmas, Hari Raya, Thanksgiving and etc.
This year we are welcoming the year of the Ox. Good bye Rat and Hello Ox. Since I am a sino kadazan and was not raise in a typical Chinese family, I still find the origin and the respective animal characteristic of the Chinese Zodiac fascinating to know. The Chinese has many tradition and taboos, depending on which Chinese ethnic you belong too. I remember my late grandmother would cautious us not to sweep the floor or wash anything on the first day of Chinese new year as it will chase away the prosperity and good luck. I am not a firm believer but I prefer to observe the taboo out of respect to the tradition.

What's the do and don't being practice in your area?

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