Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Power of Validation

I read Alex Mandossian's blog which talk about the power of validation. I am excited about the concept shared in his blog. He also posted the link to youtube about a 16mins funny and inspiring story which has a powerful message. These movie will only take 16 mins of your life and you have nothing to lose. I have also inserted Alex's blog so you can read his insight about this wonderful movie.

Click below to view Alex's Blog

Click below to view movie.

It is good to form the habit of validating people every single day as this will send out more and more positive vibes into the world. Something we need to balance of the negative news in the world today. We can begin with our family members. Tell them

“What I appreciate most about you today is … [Fill in a specific, observable behavior you want to validate]"

e.g What I appreciate most about you is your smile. It brightens my day.

Lets, together try it out on 3 person everyday for a week and see what happen. I will share my personal findings next week.

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