Friday, January 16, 2009

Rock of Ages

I have lived by the seaside from the age of 7 to 15 years. Some evenings, I would stroll along the beach with my brothers Robert and Simon collecting shell, poking at little crabs and be fascinated by starfish. Along the coastline there is huge 15ft limestone wall which divided the beach and makes an interesting beach landscape.

Based on my limited knowledge about rocks, Limestone is made of shells and dead sea creatures that collect at the bottom of the ocean. They get buried by other sediment and, after millions of years
of being under pressure, the particles get cemented together to form solid rock. Limestone is a very strong rock and is often cut into large blocks and used in the construction of buildings and skyscrapers.
Looking at the limestone now, I wondered what if I was a limestone, what would I have observed through out the ages? I am sure I would have watch and stand witness to many wonderful, peculiar or unfortunate events that took place on the beach front.
I remembered some of the events. Aside from the weekend family picnics and the daily commuting of the ferry and cargo ships crossing, I have witness the annual 5.4 KM cross channel swimming, the fatal crashed of the caribou plane in 1995 , 2 water twisters formation and the 2 stranded cargo ships which was laid to waste away.
It would be interesting to keep a journal of all the sweet and bitter events as to remind ourselves of the journey we have taken in our life. I can imagine now sitting with my grand children by the beach listening to the stories of my life.

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