Wednesday, January 28, 2009

7 tips to zest up your day

One of the reasons that people get bored is because they relive and do the same thing everyday. It seems that we are automated by our internal programming to do so.
This reminds me of one of my favourite movie Groundhog days which I have watched at least 5 times. It is about a weatherman name Phil Connors (actor Bill Murray) who was covering a story of a town called Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania on their annual tradition where the groundhog forecast the length of the winter season. As he was covering this story for the fourth time now, he was bored and wanted to get it over quickly. Unfortunately they were unable to get out of the town due to the blizzard and had to check into a motel. Here, he woke up every morning at 6 AM to the same tune "I got you babe" over the radio and was trapped in an endless time loop. He was reliving the same event everyday until he learn to give up his selfishness and became a better person. Interesting and funny movie and has a powerful message. We all have our groundhog days. Personally, My insight to this movie is that by focusing on helping others, developing new skills and making every minute counts will make life become more meaningful.
I want to share 7 tips on how to zest up your day, TODAY. This tips has help me to break away from the monotony of life. It is about breaking the routine that we have grown accustom to.

Tip 1 Take a different route to work
I began to be more alert of the things along the journey. Sometimes new building seems to pop up because I was not aware of it earlier on.

Tip 2 Do something wacky
There are times when I just go to the market, buy some fresh chicken meat and seafood and go to the beach and have a barbecue. Unplanned and out of the spur of the moment. It is truly exciting.

Tip 3 Google and search for your dream vacation
This is dream possibility activity. it is an exhilarating experience to find out more about your dream vacation that you wanna take. Forget about the cost and any boundaries that you may have set in your mind. Just have fun exploring it with google map and website reference.

Tip 4 Tune in to a different kind of music
Being a musician myself, I find that different music conjure different feelings and emotions. Listen to other type of music just for today. If you are rock fan, perhaps tune in to the country beat.
Tip 5 Test drive a latest model of a brand new car
There is so much fun to test drive a brand new model. Walk up to the showroom and pretend to be a potential buyer. Ask the salesman about the car's uniqueness before taking it for a spin. It takes at least 3 years from the sketch on the drawing board to the car production. Not too forget hundred of millions spend for the research and development.

Tip 6 Try out new food

One of life's pleasure is to delight the palate with variety of food. If you haven't tried Italian cuisine make an appointment to savor authentic Italian food.

Tip 7 Tell 3 persons that you appreciate them
Making others feel appreciated can make your day.
Do you have any tips that works for you to zest up your day. Please share, I am interested to know.

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