Saturday, January 10, 2009

A test on Self Esteem

On the plane flying to Kota Kinabalu, I came across an interesting test on Self Esteem. Going through the test, I find it enlightening and you may find it helpful to check whether you have a healthy self esteem.

1.) I accept myself fully just as I am.

2.) I believe others behave as they do for good reasons.

3.) My opinion of myself is more important than others' opinion of me.

4.) If I recall the past, I concentrate only on pleasant memories.

5.) I forgive myself for my mistakes.

6.) I do not punish myself regardless of how others feel.

7.) I am not afraid of failure or defeat.

8.) I do not compare myself unfavourably with others.

9.) I do not allow anyone to persuade me to do the things against my will.

10.) I regard problems as opportunities to improvw my life.

11.) I do not insist others adopt my standards and ideals.

12.) I do not punish myself by feeling bad.

13.) I encourage others to grow and mature rather than to depend on me.

14.) I do not look up or down on anyone.

For those areas that you have check as NO, it is good to take time to examine the underlying reason why you behave it that manner. It is even more helpful if you could discuss this matter with a certified life coach that may assist you in clarfying unresolve issues and concerns.It is said that the number 1 roadblock in most people in not achieving their goals is low self esteem.

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