Friday, January 30, 2009

Priming the Pump

In 1998, I made my first trip to the Philippines with my wife Liza, her 10 year old sister marylou, mum in law Lilia and late Lolok Fred(sadly pass away a few years back) to a province called Ilocos Sur located at the western coast of Northern Luzon . It was the hometown of Lilia which took 9 hours journey ride in a coach. Luckily it was an air conditioned bus with a video facilities. They were showing the local Tagalog film without sub titles which was pretty interesting for me to keep on figuring out what's the movie all about.
We stayed at Lilia's relative house and it was my first experience in learning to use a well water pump drawing water from ground below. At first I thought it was as easy as just pushing and pulling the handle in upward and downward motion. I used my strength a few times and nothing happen and I though it was spoilt. Someone told us then to raise the handle and pour in water into the pump nozzle and then do the upward and downward motion. After a few times we succeeded. Not easy for a first timer. The water effluent was refreshing and very cool.
The term Pump priming is now used to illustrate Government spending during recession in attempt to stimulate private spending and the expansion of business and industry. I can still remember back 1997, when the Asian financial tsunami hit the economy, the bankers starter to tighten the grip on it's financing which resulted in many business closing shops. After the government intervention in the central bank to loosen it's grip and many other measures taken, the economic machinery began to move and we were recovering at a much faster pace.
On personal level, I realise that to attain something we need to give first. If we want happiness, we need to make others happy before attaining it. If we want to be successful, we need to help other succeed first.

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