Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am watching

I caught little Ryanna, looking out of the window pane. This reminds me when I was little, I used to look out from my family two storey wooden house for anything interesting . Since the house I lived in, is surrounded by thick bushes on 3 corners, Only the backyard is facing my neighbour uncle Ah Lam. The north side of the house was overseeing a thick grown bushes with many tall trees. In the evening, flocks of pigeons would gather for a chat among each other. Sometimes quail could be seen walking cautiously towards the fence to peck on the grains of washed out rice from our kitchen drainage. It is common also to see a monitor lizard scanning the ground with it's long slithering tongue for food.

Yes, that was the good all days where we can see the wonder of nature. Now I don't pay much notice of the things happening around my housing, everyone seems to be busy with their own activites. I can still recall seeing my grandmother chatting with the neighbour over the wire mesh fence, a rare sight nowadays.

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