Monday, January 5, 2009

How to be happy?

One of the key concept being taught in the book " The law of Attraction" is to be grateful with what you have. It is a challenge at first to name 10 things to be grateful for. If you are like me raise in an average low middle income family, I did not get to have the luxury like my friends had such as keeping up with the latest trend. I remember how my friend's show off their new digital watch they have (the new technology then) and I did not have anything to show. Only very much later, I did get my first digital watch which was given free if you buy the cooking oil. I think the brand was "Reagent". Nevertheless I felt so proud of it. Despite not able to keep up with my friend's new toys and latest clothing wear, I did not complain about my situation but rather accepted what I had.

I find it is easier to be grateful if we focus on what we are not lacking or not have. Here is my GRATEFUL list for today.


1.) I am grateful that the facilities in my home is sufficient, hot water to shower in the morning, electricity to light up the house and powered up my washing machine and etc.

2.) I am grateful that I have a three beautiful children and a loving wife who really care for the family and my companion.

3.) I am grateful for Sr Francisca, Gerard , Late Constantine Cheah whom guided me when I first started out in my early adult life. There are more names to fill up many pages. I will aknowledge them as I continue my posting.

4.) I am grateful for my father and mother, who made sure that we were brought up proper and never lacking in basic neccesity. My father had to work 2 jobs to support the family.

5.) I am grateful that I always have enough to continue support my family

6.) I am grateful for having such a good team at work. Their individual uniquesness truly make life interesting.

7.) I am grateful for having the chance to travel to overseas and learn first hand about people's aspiration and their culture. Actually they are more commonality between us rather than differences.

8.) I am grateful for the communication technology made available today. Now, it so much easier to keep track of all my friends.

9.) I am grateful that my parents brought me to the library every fortnightly. This is how the love for reading is cultivated.

10.) I am grateful for being healthy and able to use all my body motor skills to go places, to do things and to connect with other people.

I feel so much better now . Why not give it a try and see whether it helps you too.

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