Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mentor - The hand that guided me

20 years ago , my younger me then was very active in the youth movement in the catholic church. I was the chairman of the youth movement and organised many events for the youth. The social concerns and issues then were very much milder when compare with today's concerns. Our role in the youth movement was to raise awareness of the problems such as the preservation of our faith, danger of alcoholism and smoking and organise character and faith building seminars. Today's issues can be seen in the news media about the rise in single parenting due to unprotected premarital sex, divorce rate has gone up which lead to broken families, pornographic material easily available through the net and etc.

As the social problem is on the rise, we need more and more people to come forward to be the guiding hand. Parents need to take quality time to teach strong moral values to their children. As a parent myself, I cannot continue to give excuse that I do not have time reason being, work commitment. Isn't it ironic, we have all the inventions in the world to help us save time and yet we have less time.

I was glad then , I had a counselor, a friend and a mentor who offeed guidance in my late teens and early adult life. A person whom I can openly talk too and consult with when I was facing difficult times. Today , I want to say thank you to Sr. Francisca for taking the time to listen and provide guidance. She is a good listener and gifted in asking soul searching questions , very much focus on my personal feelings towards the issues. As I try to answer the questions myself, the solution gradually become clearer for me. I have lost contact with her since then as the Franciscan sister tend to be posted to serve in different convents on a rotational basis. I am making it my goal to locate her and give her a thank you note.

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