Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Balance Life

Today, my wife Liza and my youngest son Raynald is having fever. Visited the clinic for some medication and I advice them to sleep it off.  It is really a horrible feeling being sick but on the positive note, it is the way the body telling us to slow down.

Many times when I am down with the common illness such as flu,fever or cough, I will sleep through out the day. It is a miracle to know that our body has the natural ability to self-heal itself. The medicine is used to suppress the pain, contain the virus or boost the immune system. Based on my personal experience and though others sharing not all doctors gives accurate diagnosis, advice and prescription. We somehow, need to take a more proactive approach in own health care.   

Researches have shown that applying alternative medicine also does make the route to recovery faster. The following are some of the methods that have helped many others to self heal.

1. ) Deep breathing 

2.) Creative visualisation combine with meditation

3.) Massage

4.) Reflexology

5.) Acupuncture

and many many more. 

Back in the mid 1990's , my wife and I attended the Silva Mind Control where we learn to use our mind to visualise, self heal, help others and so forth. I like the methods on how to do  active meditation anywhere and anytime. I have not been practicing as frequently as before but I still find the effectiveness of going into levels via active  meditation. When I can't sleep or feel very stressful at work, I will go into level (beta mode) and rest there for 15 mins. It does wonders for me.

There are practices out there you can choose from to learn how to attain inner peace which will lead to healthy living. I believe it is important because  most often our sickness are a result of bad decisions. We worry too much, we have unresolved emotional issues, we over indulge ourselves  with unproductive activities, over consumption of unhealthy food. The secret is living in moderation. Life is all about balance. In Dr Steven Covey book series, He illustrate the importance in seeking balance in our physical, emotion , mental and spiritual needs. If we overlook any of this areas, the chances are high that we may fall sick.

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