Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stage time, stage time & stage time

"Stage time, stage time and stage time."This phrase was coined by my favourite public speaker Darren Lacroix. He won the 2001 Toastmasters international speaking contest and have been helping others to succeed with their speaking delivery ever since. It was worth  investing in his videos and audio series because he will show you the do and don't of public speaking. I think it is wise to learn from someones mistake rather than making it yourself. Ouuucch ... at least it does not hurt so much now.

Tonight Labuan toastmasters club is having another exciting evening , the theme for tonight is pirate's night. The best part of the evening is usually the speakers delivering their speeches and we can learn so much from them by evaluating. The toastmasters club purpose is to provide a positive and encouraging environment whereby participants can have a constructive feedback for improvement after their speeches. Of course , those who are serious about speaking and taking their speaking a few notches up, hiring a speaking coach will speed up the process.  

Speaking before an audience is still hard work for me. It is not merely standing up and speak but what message will be carried away after hearing me speak. The only way to improve is to do lots and lots of stage time. Like my mentor Darren shared, never turn down stage time eventhough you are not prepared. Making mistakes along the way, can be forgiven but not turning it down. No matter how bad you think you were up there, the only difference is that you will only be better the  next stage time. 

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