Friday, February 20, 2009

Looking for a job?

Is the glass half full, half empty, half full and half empty?

Every morning as I sent both of my sons to school, I tune in to the local music channel Tracks FM. There be two entertaining upbeat guys hosting the morning show with such positivity. The music played also brings an up tempo beat and makes the morning seem bearable for another day. 

This morning it hit me, what if we are paid to be positive. Just like the D.J on the radio, their job is to start the day with positiveness so people will tune in to get some positive vibes to kick start the day. The way I see it, being positive and being happy are two different things. Because being positive is something you can control and act on it  whereby being happy is a state of mind which you are induce into. Being positive does not necessarily mean you are happy inside but rather your choice in looking at things differently. Can you be happy when your bank account is in the negative? I think it is very difficult to do so unless you choose to the see the brighter side of things and take positive action. I believe choosing to be positive will lead to happiness.


I posted an article back in January 20th, 2009 about a banner I saw. The banner with the impressionable words of “Life favors those who see things differently". What if you are employed to be positive all day long g. Imagine your employer would hand out a warning later if you did not perform your task up to expectation. If it becomes a job then we will have to find ways to be positive. Here are some of the list in your day to day task.

1.       Research and share real life humorous stories for the day.

2.       Listen to upbeat music

3.       Keep on verbalizing your positive self talk through out the day

4.       Hang positive posters around your work  space.

5.       When things does not go your way say to yourself outloud “ That’s interesting”

6.       Walk a little faster, keep your head up high and wear a smile on your face.

7.       Bless people you meet (silently, it would be rather awkward if you done out loud) despite your feeling towards that person.


Usually the probational period is 1 month to 6 months. Assuming the probation for this job is 30 days. You got a 30 days challenge to be positive to secure the job. The salary will depend on the level of positiveness you bring to the company. Any prolong negative behavior will be terminated due to non compliance of the employment contract.

So, do you want to apply for this job?  




shirley said...

it seems to be a nice job.. will try

vivalova said...

great writing.... and yes TraxxFM is great channel to tune in.

Bro, if you know anyone looking for a job, perhaps you could ask them to check this site:


SavvyRay said...


Very enterprising of you to start a job search site. Have a great day.

SavvyRay said...


Wouldn't it be great if every company can start a new job role with this job description. LOL