Saturday, February 28, 2009

Building competencies through continuos learning

Since school days, I have always believe in taking responsibility in my self learning. I place high value in continuous education in my life. Completing school education is just the beginning of the journey to many new discovery. Through updating knowledge, it is much easier to conceive and develop new ideas. It is my opinion that bankrupt of ideas are the reason most business fail. Without ideas, we may are not able to innovate new products to meet changing customer demands. Absence of ideas also stops us from moving forward in our business. And so , I strive top fill the ideas vault as much as possible.

Aside from reading, I attend all kind of seminars for breakthrough thinking. One such seminar, I am attending today is the Internet marketing coaching. Something new to me and that's make it even more exciting. With this new found knowledge , I am looking forward to build a foundation for me to have the option to change my future lifestyle.

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