Thursday, February 26, 2009

Energise your day

Two years ago , when the my company was experiencing a tough period due to lowered sales and competitors onslaught, the management decided to do something to boost the employees morale. Tough time needs tough minded people. And so , they engaged a dynamic speaker Dr. Lawrence Walter to conduct a charged up session for all the staff especially the front liners in sales and service. The 2 hour session was very impactful as the speaker skillfully lead the audience to an excited outcome. It was truly electrifying when you get a room filled with excited people.

The speaker role was to coax the fire that has always been inside us. I have always believe in stirring the fire intentionally everyday. We are responsible for our state we are in. Until we hold ourselves accountable, we are always looking for external booster.Yes, there are days that its very difficult but with regularly disciplining your thoughts, it can be done.

The above poster was given out to the participants after the session. I have since stick in on to my table as to remind myself to have a positive attitude everyday.

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