Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dream come true

As I was cleaning up my work desk, I discover this original F1 ticket. Many year ago, when I watch the F1 race on TV, I told myself," wouldn't it great to attend a live race". In 2005 , I was in KL attending a sales meeting and after the session, a friend of mine told me whether I wanted 2 free tickets(paid for) to F1 at Sepang international circuit. I jump over the chance and could not believe my luck. Each ticket cost RM500 and it was given to me for free. I was trilled and had an experience of a lifetime. The race day atmosphere is highly charged with the loud and deafening roaring engines, beautiful F1 ladies , colourful racing flags and the crowd.

Dreams do come true. And this reminds me of the Law of attraction that states that whatever held in thought long enough and with positive expectation will come true.

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shirley said...

wow.. i believe..dream do come true..