Monday, February 9, 2009

Knowing Vs Doing

There is a great distinction between the two. Many people knows what it takes be a successful person. They will tell you hard work, dedication , commitment , persistent and so forth but they just stop there. There are many things that we are aware of but lack the follow through in making it a reality.

Back in 2004, I have heard about the buzz word "blogging", even mentioned it to my circle of friends. I even told them blogs can generate income but I was not doing it myself. I though I knew the subject matter but how wrong I was.Only in December 2008, I really got down and started a blog and boy, there so much I need to learn. What I though I knew was only the scratch of the surface. As I post a blog nearly everyday now, I begin to understand of it's application . I searched for professional blogger such as Yaro, Alex Mandossian, Jeff Johnson to learn from them. I began to realise how little I knew. I was truly ignorant about the subject.

My favourite power quote is adapted from Nike " Just Do It". It is better to make a few mistakes and later correct it than just knowing the subject.

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