Monday, February 9, 2009

Tell me a story, please

Sometimes before my children goes to sleep , they would request me to tell them a story. I do my best to not disappointment them. In my earlier posting, I mentioned that I had many adventures from the books I read. Story telling is an art and is a powerful way in getting the message across. I grew up reading short Aesop fables where moral values are taught through the stories.

Aside from teaching values, I sometimes use stories to motivate them to take action such as eating their vegetables and doing their chores. It does not work all the time but it does bring about some results. I often create my own stories as I go along. It forces me to kick start my creative mind to work. When I first tried it, it was a challenge by itself however it becomes easier overtime. I will know when I have told a good story from my son's smile and positive response. Sometimes when he starts asking questions to the story, then I will teach the  values or ask their opinions. It is even more interesting to get them participating in the story by asking them to act out the character or events. The following is my story telling guideline:  

1.) The Character involved. The hero and the villain

2.) The story line

3.) The unexpected twist and surprise element.  

4.) The heroic rescue

5.) The induced state I want them to be in at the end of the story. Usually I end with the hero felling tired and sleepy since I want them to go to sleep.

Telling stories is one way to build a bond between the child and parent. Another point is that your story is easily recalled then the direct advice you give them.  

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