Sunday, March 1, 2009

The goodbyes that never been said.

A few days ago, I receive a saddening news about a friend of mine who passed away suddenly. Everyone called him junior and he has a very likeable personality. I first knew him over than 10 years ago and he was a tennis coach then. The first time I met him, he was a fit individual and very active in sports. Over the years, I recall him telling me how his work has frequently became an incovenience for him to do any exercise. 

One month ago, we sat and chat over a cup of coffee. He told me about the importance of eating right and he shared that he has high cholesterol and became conscious about his food intake. I was informed that he died of a sudden heart attack and according to our mutual friend he was working as usual the night before. 

Life is short and the worst that could happen to a person is sudden death. I can imagine the unfinished business that never got done, The goodbyes that never been said, the promises that cannot be fulfilled, the unintended harsh words spoken, the unresolved disagreement, the hug that will never be felt again, the unfulfilled dream, the rematch that cannot take place. One week ago, I had a pool challenge with him, he beat me fair and square and I told him that I will back for a rematch. 

That will always be my last though of him and will be a strong reminder for me  to learn to appreciate people around me all the time. You will never know when will be last time you will see him. i hope that one day, we will not utter the word " I regret that I did not tell him......." 

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