Monday, March 30, 2009

Dare to fail

Have you read the book "Dare to Fail" ? It is an inspiring book about the importance of changing the way you look at failure.It first captured my attention many year ago as I just completed reading the book "Dare to Succeed". Though a total opposite of it's title, it still has a powerful message.

There is no success without failure. Since this is so, we need to get up and risk failure but not get beaten down by it. Yesterday (29th March 2009) , I was declared first runner up for the division speech competition in Kota Kinabalu. Honestly , I was disappointed because I felt that my performance was better than the others. However , isn't that the common emotional feeling felt by the non winners? At times we may think that we have outdone our competitors and we should be holding up the cup of victory. In reality , I was unable to see my flaws and perhaps the very reason why I did not emerge the winner.

I really appreciated the support from the more proficient speakers who offered some valuable tips on how I can take my speaking a few notches up. Because of the encouragement from my fellow toastmasters and my lovely wife Liza,now I have a burning desire to go at it again.

I guess if I were to emerge as champion for the day, I won't be as fired up as coming in second.The moment will come and I will be ready.

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