Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Have you check your spare tire?

It happen on one Sunday morning, my plan was to go to the market early morning to look for something interesting to cook. Lo and behold, I got a flat tyre. How interesting can that be?

 I was in a way glad that it did not happen elsewhere, that would be a great inconvenience especially if I was in a rush. So I decided to turn this temporary inconvenience into opportunity to teach my son Ryan to change the tyre.  This has change the way I looked at the whole situation instead of responding by grumbling about the whole ordeal. Ryan was actually having fun at it. 


 Life is such that anything can happen and some instances bound to happen but the challenge is to look at the setback in a different light. This experience actually reminded me the importance of the spare tyre which I have not checked since I bought the car two years ago. True enough the spare was also without much air and render useless if there is an emergency. Lucky for me my father in-law was in a tyre supply business and he helped me to repair the puncture tyre. 


Isn't it interesting to note that we often forget what is truly important until the moment arise that you need them. When you require them, it may not be helpful at all because we have neglected to care for them all this while. 


During my defensive driving  training , the instructor advice us to pump in extra air into the spare tyre as it will loses its air pressure over a long period. How's your spare tyre?  


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shirley said...

wah..your ryan trying to change the tyre lah kan...hehehe.. he can be a great help to daddy..