Friday, March 13, 2009

Who is driving the bus?

Do you find yourself losing steam half way in the effort towards realising your personal or business goals? If you are facing this problem, STOP and take the time to reassess the reason why. Our unconscious mind may be telling us something important such as the possible internal conflict in regards to the goal we are striving for. When we are striving to attain the  goal, we are pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. We cannot stand still and hope that we will succeed.We may need to learn  new sets of skills,  perhaps acquire new knowledge, form new beliefs, values or cultivate the right attitude. 

There is a popular phrase which I learned from the NLP founder Richard Bandler  "Who is driving the bus?" Picture your  life as a “bus.” Who’s driving? Is it you or someone else? Where is the bus going? Who chose the route, the destination, the speed? Who are the passengers? What about side trips along the way? (You know that side trips often enrich the journey!)

Personally, this metaphor question is about who is in charge of your life? Fear and  false beliefs often grip us from moving forward in our life. This could be due to our conditioning during our upbringing, cultural influence or social expectation.

Is your belief preventing you from the lifestyle you desire?

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