Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meaningful Symbols

It is rare to see a clear beautiful rainbow arch flanked by another rainbow with less intensity. This photo shot is taken from my house compound after a short rain shower. As I stood with awe of this magical moment, I recall a biblical story of Noah and the flood in the book of Genesis. Based on the story, God was angry with the wickedness of man and rained the earth for 40 days and the earth was covered with water for 150 days, killing all living things on land and in the air. Righteous Noah and his family were spared as he was given the task to build an ark to house a pair of all living things before the rain fall. After the water receded, God made a convenant with all living things, never again will there ever be a flood of such nature regardless the sinful gravity of men.

Symbolic objects are such an important reminder of the promises we make to ourselves or to another person. The wedding ring is a symbolic reminder of the commitment of love made to each other. Tattoo is fast becoming a personal trend among the old and young alike that signifies something important and meaningful. Those who adhere to Feng Shui practices use symbolic objects to ward off bad omens or draw in favorable fortune.

I have a glass globe on my desk, a present from my friend Seumas. He gave that to me because I shared with him how I intent to start a training company that serves the global market. His little gesture meant a lot to me and it serves as a constant reminder of my dream.

Do you have a meaningful symbolic items that you wish to share with me?



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