Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The art of balancing your life

After many weeks of unusually hot and dry weather, my christmas tree as I called it, was such in a dire condition. The dry spell has cause for an urgent need of water. I'd thought to myself whether it can be nurtured back to a healthy state. The green figs in the inner covering of the tree offers some glimpse of hope to it's survival.

Continuous self care is important in our life. As human beings we need to continuously replenish the 4 dimensions of our life in order to maintain a balance life. The 4 dimension are fulfilling our spiritual needs, enriching our minds, maintaining a healthy body and strengthening the relationship bond with our love ones. All the 4 dimensions are integrated to each other like our neuron network. We cannot isolate one and hope that we will have a fulfilling life.

Isn't it true that sometimes we put to much emphasize on money and unintentionally neglecting our health, our family and spirituality. We are drawn to the concept that material things can make us happy. 24/7 we have advertising messages from everywhere ringing in our ears and eyes, product and services that define the meaning if success for us. We worked hard for the money and eventually succeed but we may experience a certain kind of emptiness to our success. Because we have neglected some areas of our life, the money gained will be spend on restoring health. The money gained but no one will be there to share with. The money gained don't bring the joy that was once anticipated.

I have a friend AJ who worked very hard for the money. Being a thrifty person, He will find all ways and means to save a penny. I asked him one day, what is the purpose of keeping all the money but not enjoying it. He looked me straight into my eyes and told me that his intention was save for his children. An admirable intention but it was later taken away from him.The last I have heard is that he lose all his saving in a quick rich scam and the worst part was , he was conned by someone he knew very well. All those years of hard work gone and for what. If he had only used a portion of the money to take the family for a holiday, at least the wonderful memories is still intact despite losing the money later.

The art of balancing life is by appreciating what you have now and experiencing the moments and not get to caught up in planning for the future. You can never tell what is going to happen next week aside even though you have planned it all out. Even if you had planned it out, things does happen when you least expected.

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