Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thoughts on Leadership

If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more, 
you are a leader. 
John Quincy Adams 

I do admire some people who displays strong leadership in the organisation. There may not be the smartest, the bravest or the strongest, but they do possess a big heart for people. They want to see people succeed. I have personally met a few of them in my life , though they may not be given social status recognition for their commitment to the people, it did not bothered them so much. One such person is my maternal grandfather Matthew Hunggim who was a cathecist, a teacher and a friend in need. 

My mother never seem to get tired of telling me the many interesting stories about my late grandfather. He was a very compassionate person that would assist people who are in need and he is known for his hospitality. He was involve in the building of the mission school and the church in Kuala Penyu, a remote and  isolated village then. 

Today, people can buy recognition  with money. In the secular world, we recognise people who have the most money. The more money you have, you are perceive as a successful person thus making you as a leader. Some people donate big amount to charitable organization and get free publicity. In fact what seems a lot of money by others may not be to them. It could be a tiny fraction of their true wealth. A person who has the last 10 dollars in their pocket and give it all away, is more charitable then the earlier  person. It is not the quantity but rather the sacrifice made. It is clear today, that we hear  nations with  leaders clinging to position for  power at the expense of it's people. Money and greed have clouded the eyes of such people.

I like the above quote because it reminds me that the effectiveness of the leader is evident in the people he leads. My grandfather's silent deed has touches many life's in the village and made a difference. 

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