Monday, March 30, 2009

Banana leaf anyone?

Banana leaf anyone? Having your food served on a banana leaf tends to whip up the appetite. it looks so natural and appetising. Before the banana leaf can be used, it is glazed over a fire in a sweeping motion. The banana leaf has a thin coating which appear glossy once heated up.

 The first time I ate  Banana leaf rice was at an Indian restaurant serving southern Indian cuisine.  A serving of rice, curry fish, papadum, pickles with dhal sauce. You must try eating with your hands  to truly enjoy the experience. Last night we were celebrating Marylou's  promotion in the company. Yes... I know that feeling and how I wish it happen more often so more parties can be thrown.

I believe it is a good customary to find reasons to celebrate with the family as it strengthen the family bond. You will never know what life may throw at you, there will come a time the family bond is tested.  Only with the existence of a strong relationship can we overcome any challenges.

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